Event Services

CascadeColour.com is pleased to offer event photography, gorilla marketing and expertise in acquiring promotional items.

Event Photography: Aside from standard archival, product and portrait photography Cascade Colour. is available to chronicle your event. Whether for social media or marketing materials Cascade Colour is here to help you put your best face forward. We will capture the atmosphere, scale and scope of your event with care and a great attention to detail. We know you took great pains to make your event a success – let us document your efforts with an artistry that will keep your guests and vendors coming back for years to come.

Gorilla Marketing: If you need a fresh face to man your table or a zany character to draw in a crowd than look no forward. Cascade Colour has got you covered. We are professional through and through. We know how to work an event and engage the audience in both positive and memorable ways. From display creation to good, old fashioned direct marketing we are ready and willing to be there for you.

Promotional Items: Let Cascade Colour help you make a splash at your next event with fantastic giveaways. Put your contact information into a customer's hand in a way that is sure to make an impact. Be remembered, be remarkable and pay the right price. We know that you are busy – trust Cascade Colour's experience dealing with factory reps. We will collect bids, submit files and bring in your promotional items on time and under budget.

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